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2012 Rookie Rankings

Last Updated: December 31, 2012

Welcome to the Rankings Pages.  We hope you like the new look of the website. In addition to our site re-design, we've opted to give our Player Rankings a fresh new look as well.  Moving away from conventional style rankings lists, we have transitioned to a Tiered ranking format.  This conversion has been made for a number of Dynasty specific reasons.  Every Dynasty league has unique characteristics with player valuations that remain league specific.  Tiered Rankings add clarity to this inherent variability.  Second, players separated by Tiers provides an improved mechanism to appropriately define and compare player values from a Dynasty perspective.  Each Tier includes a description and brief player analysis.  It is important to note that players within each Tier typically share similar long-term outlook and are ranked in order within their respective tiers. Let's get into the Rookies:
The Beast Tier - These are the clear cut top notch prospects in the Draft Class. Both Luck and RGIII should be perennial Top 7 QB's. RGIII holds the upside edge, but Luck has a higher floor and almost as much in the way of potential. Trent Richardson's two knee scopes are a reminder that RB prospects are the riskiest in Dynasty.
Andrew Luck (QB-Colts)
Robert Griffin III (QB-Redskins)
Trent Richardson (RB-Browns)

The Major Impact Tier - These rookies have a chance to jump into the next tier with an instant impact type of season. All should have an opportunity within the next two years to show their full potential. Blackmon and Martin are nipping at the Beast Tier heels, but Wright and Wilson could also very well flash in 2012.
Justin Blackmon (WR-Jaguars)
Doug Martin (RB-Bucs)
Alfred Morris (RB-Redskins)
Russell Wilson (QB-Seahawks)

The High Risk/Reward Tier - All prospects are risky, but this group is especially high risk/high reward in nature. Many of these rookies are raw in nature and will take time to adjust to the pro game. All have potential to be Top 10 at their respective positions, with guys like Jeffery, Fleener, Quick, Tannehill and Wilson having a shot at a 2012 impact.
David Wilson (RB-Giants)
Josh Gordon (WR-Browns)
Ryan Tannehill (QB-Dolphins)
Michael Floyd (WR-Cardinals)
Kendall Wright (WR-Titans)
Alshon Jeffrey (WR-Bears)
Rueben Randle (WR-Giants)
Stephen Hill (WR-Jets)
Coby Fleener (TE-Colts)
Vick Ballard (RB-Colts)
Brian Quick (WR-Rams)

Handcuffs and Long Term Prospects Tier - This tier is a collection of potential high upside handcuffs and prospects that should mature into fantasy assets in time. Pead may be the most notable for 2012, but players like Randle, Broyles, Lamar Miller and Vick Ballard could see a rise to prominence as they develop. 
TY Hilton (WR-Colts)
Bryce Brown (RB-Eagles)
Bernard Pierce (RB-Ravens)
Mohamed Sanu (WR-Bengals)
Rod Streater (WR-Raiders)
Lamar Miller (RB-Dolphins)
Robert Turbin (RB-Seahawks)
Nick Foles (QB-Eagles)
Chris Givens (WR-Rams)
Isaiah Pead (RB-Rams)
Brandon Weeden (QB-Browns)
TJ Graham (WR-Bills)
Dwayne Allen (TE-Colts)
Chris Rainey (RB/WR-Steelers)
Daryl Richardson (RB-Rams)
Ladarius Green (TE-Chargers)
Potential with Question Marks Tier - These prospects have a few weaknesses, but potential to be very impactful fantasy talents. Jenkins was a first round draft pick, but has had a slow summer. James and Graham are undersized, Toon has had trouble staying on the field and Osweiler has throwing motion and decision making issues.
A.J. Jenkins (WR-49ers)
Ryan Broyles (WR-Lions)
LaMichael James RB-49ers)
Brock Osweiler (QB-Broncos)
Nick Toon (WR-Saints)

Looking Long Term Tier - These prospects are not likely to make a 2012 impact on your fantasy team, but very well could in the long term. There is some serious upside here if you have the patience and bench space.

Marvin Jones (WR-Bengals)
Keshawn Martin (WR-Texans)
Juron Criner (WR-Raiders)
Tommy Streeter (WR-Ravens)
Cyrus Gray (RB-Chiefs)
Orson Charles (TE-Bengals)
LaVon Brazill (WR-Colts)
Taylor Thompson (TE-Titans)
Ryan Lindley (QB-Cardinals)

Digging Deep - Late round draft picks or undrafted free agents that could make the most of an opportunity in 2012 or 2013. These are the Dynasty stashes that could end up being nice trade bait should they develop.
Adrien Robinson (TE-Giants)
Danny Coale (WR-Cowboys)
Terrance Ganaway (WR-Jets)
Joe Adams (WR-Panthers)
Devon Wylie (WR-Chiefs)
Marvin McNutt (WR-Eagles)
Evan Rodriguez (TE-Bears)
DeVier Posey (WR-Texans)
Chris Polk (RB-Eagles)
Michael Smith (RB-Bucs)
Bobby Rainey (RB-Ravens)
BJ Coleman (QB-Packers)

Even Deeper Tier - For very deep leagues, the Even Deeper Tier is just that...digging to find the long shots with enough talent to have some Dynasty intrigue.

Travis Benjamin (WR-Browns)
Jeff Demps (RB-Patriots)
Kirk Cousins (QB-Redskins)
Mike Egnew (TE-Dolphins)
Dale Moss (WR-Packers)
Dan Herron (RB-Bengals)
Damaris Johnson (WR-Eagles)
Chris Owusu (WR-49ers)
James Hanna (TE-Cowboys)
Brandon Bolden (RB-Patriots)
Edwin Baker (RB-Chargers)
Dominique Davis (QB-Falcons)