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Building Your Dynasty: 2011 Instant Reaction

Our Dynasty Reaction to the 2011 NFL Draft

While skill set, upside and desire trump all, the immediate and long term success for many of this years promising rookies is largely due to situation.  Follow along as we provide you Day-by-Day Dynasty Analysis of the 2011 NFL Draft in our annual NFL Draft Instant Reaction Article.  Remember to check back frequently over the Draft Weekend as we will be continually updating this article.  We'll also be adding a Landing Spot grade to each player's comments (see below). Most offensive rookies do no make an Instant Impact with their NFL teams, but many prospects are put in a position of opportunity and that is the first step. Also, be sure to read our Dynasty profiles for the top QBRBWR and TE prospects. Enjoy!

Landing Spot Grades
5 - Opportunity for Instant Impact is extremely high, as is long term success. This player moves directly into the forefront of the team's offensive plans. 
4 - The chance to make an instant impact will present itself in 2011 and this prospect has the potential to make the most of it. 
3 - May see the field right away, but snaps and/or production will be limited or inconsistent. Also, a prospect who has the ability to climb a depth chart throughout the season.
2 - Could see the field in 2011, but more likely a 2012 prospect in terms of Dynasty leagues
1 - A developmental prospect, buried on the depth chart

Round 1 Instant Reaction:

QB Cam Newton (1.1 Panthers) - No surprises here, as the Panthers have been linked to Newton for months. Newton is instantly one of the most physically gifted QB's in the NFL and he lands in what could be a decent situation in a few seasons if the offense can develop together. Needs to show strong work ethic and not rely soley on natural ability. Has a chance to be a franchise QB. If you are in need of a cornerstone signal caller, you need to consider taking Newton in your Dynasty draft. Risk/reward pick. Landing Spot Grade3

WR A.J. Green (1.4 Bengals) - Out with the old, in with the new...The Bengals make a move for one of the most elite wideout prospects we have seen in the last decade.  The writing is clearly on the wall with Chad Ochocinco and how the two will coexist in Cincinnati is a big time question mark.  It doesn't matter as Green is prepared to step in and produce immediately, and the Bengals will clearly grow tired of Chad85 quickly.  It is clear the Bengals are sending a serious message to Carson Palmer that they want him back, and this selection may very well tempt him back into a Bengals uniform.  Green is about as safe a Dynasty Rookie Draft pick as they come however his draft position is currently volatile.  If Palmer returns his immediate value grows exponentially.Landing Spot Grade5

WR Julio Jones (1.6 Falcons) - The Falcons make major moves early in the 2011 NFL Draft by moving up from the 27th spot to select the class's 2nd best wideout Julio Jones.  Landing in an unbelievable spot in Atlanta Jones finds himself in a situation to learn his position with elite talents like Matt Ryan, Tony Gonzalez, and Roddy White.  Some Dynasty owners may want to consider passing on A.J. Green for the immediate production of Jones.  Jones has legit talent and big time upside that cannot be overlooked.  Those with early Dynasty Rookie Draft picks have some serious decision making to do. Landing Spot Grade4

QB Jake Locker (1.8 Titans) - A potential Top 5 pick if he came out last year, Locker still ends up in the Top 10 after a mediocre senior season. Has all the tools to be a franchise QB, but accuracy issues are serious and cannot be overlooked. He lands in a situation with an elite running game, a potential WR1 in Kenny Britt and an emerging TE in Jared Cook. He is extremely athletic, competitive and has above average arm strength. He took some abuse at Washington and was surrounded by mediocrity for the most part. Patience will be required here, but do the Titans have it? Landing Spot Grade3

QB Blaine Gabbert (1.10 Jaguars) - Gabbert "slid" to No. 10 overall, which is solid value for this potential franchise QB. He's got prototypical size with solid mobility, arm and accuracy. He lands in a situation where he can learn from veteran David Garrard. Coming out of the spread offense at Missouri, he could definitely use time to acclimate himself to Sunday football. The pressure is off for him to play right away and that could lead to him developing into a better pro down the road. Should challenge Garrard in the summer of 2012 for starting job. With a very good run game, solid WR2 in Mike Thomas and big, athletic TE in Marcedes Lewis, this could be a lucrative situation for Gabbert in a few seasons. Look for the Jags to get him a WR1 either through the Draft or free agency. Landing Spot Grade2

QB Christian Ponder (1.12 Vikings) - 4th QB off the board does not have the upside of the previous 3, but he is probably most NFL ready. He has starter upside with many of the traits necessary to be a franchise QB, but lack of arm strength limits his ultimate ceiling. Also lacking in prototypical size and bulk, Ponder might not be a long term answer. If Vikings make a move for a veteran, it would buy them some time to make sure Ponder is game ready and get him comfortable with NFL speed. Vikings reached here because of need, but Ponder does give them some hope at the position. Landing Spot Grade4

WR Jonathan Baldwin (1.26 Chiefs) - Jon Baldwin and his tremendous measurables will line up opposite Dwayne Bowe to build a solid WR unit in Kansas City.  As Matt Cassel continues to develop (as well as his high powered offense), Baldwin will serve as a solid receiving/red zone option in an extremely youthful offensive squad.  This selection likely hurts the value of Dwayne Bowe, however it will be interesting to see how Bowe handles the single coverages he wasn't seeing in previous seasons.  Jon Baldwin is a talented prospect that has a great opportunity to immediately find the field in his rookie season.  Competition for looks from Cassel is a question mark for his Dynasty value however his overall upside is higher than that of Bowe. Landing Spot Grade3

RB Mark Ingram (1.28 Saints) - Pierre Thomas is not enjoying the first round of the 2011 NFL Draft.  The Saints made a trade with the Patriots to move up and select whom most agree is the top RB in this year's class.  Mark Ingram is a versatile player that will excel in a Saints offense that requires RB to be hard nosed inside rushers, good blockers and great receivers out of the backfield.  While this selection severely hurts the value of Pierre Thomas, Mark Ingram is in a great position to post Top-12 RB fantasy numbers in 2011. Landing Spot Grade5

Round 2 Instant Reaction

QB Andy Dalton (2.35 Bengals) - There must still be concern in the Bengals organization that Palmer may in fact never return to Cincinnati.  Dalton watched his value rise this draft season, and he falls just outside the first round to get selected early in the 2nd to a team that invested their first round pick into future WR Beast A.J. Green.  Dalton has a decent arm and is reasonably athletic.  He comes from a pure spread offense in college so there will be definitely be a steep learning curve, however without another QB on the roster, we can expect Dalton may see the field sooner than later.  Landing Spot Grade: 3

QB Colin Kaepernick (2.36 49ers) - As expected the top of the 2nd round see's a run on QB's.  CK is extremely athletic and even more so of a project.  An offensive minded Jim Harbaugh will bring an upgraded offensive system to the Bay with hopes of creating some competition for Alex Smith.  It's hard to imagine the 49ers taking him this early if they expect to bring in a veteran this offseason, so we expect it to be the Alex Smith-Colin Kaepernick show in San Fran. Landing Spot Grade: 3

RB Ryan Williams (2.38 Cardinals)
 - The Cardinals land a game breaker near the top of the 2nd.  An interesting pick considering their primary concern at the position is durability issues (ie Beanie Wells).  The only knock against Ryan Williams is durability, however clearly his hard nose rushing style is appealing to a Cardinals team that consider themselves an immediate contender.  It will be interesting to see how the utilize their trio of backs for now, however it seems opportunity is here for Williams to immediately step in a generate a solid stat line as the Cards. search for a passing game.  Landing Spot Grade: 3

TE Kyle Rudolph (2.43 Vikings) - The Vikings will pair their 1st Round QB selection Christian Ponder with the unanimous highest rated TE in this year's class.  Rudolph finds himself in a great situation lining up opposite a solid WR corps and most notably an aging but still effective (and inconsistent) Visanthe Shiancoe.  This scenario is the perfect situation for Rudolph to take a couple seasons to emerge into a near elite TE.  Landing Spot Grade: 4

WR Titus Young (2.44 Lions) - With higher rated WR's on the board, this selection by the Lions makes a clear statement they are looking to add a stretch the field WR that can also double as a slot receiver, deep threat and kick returner.  Young is an extremely tough player that is willing to go over the middle despite his extremely small stature.  While there are a few other WR's we like more with regard to long term upside, there is nice opportunity here for Young to leapfrog some of the average/aging receiving talent on the Lions. Landing Spot Grade: 3

TE Lance Kendricks (2.47 Rams) - A glaring need to surround Sam Bradford with receivers, the Rams decide (somewhat surprisingly) to take a big body TE in the mold of Owen Daniels.  Of the next tier of TE's behind Kyle Rudolph, Kendricks is considered the most complete.  On a Rams roster where only average TE's currently exist, a great opportunity is in place for Kendricks to step in an contribute immediately.  He will likely face a learning curve, but expect a decent rookie season from the former Wisconsin Badger. Landing Spot Grade: 4

RB Shane Vereen (2.56 Patriots)
 - A perfect fit in the Patriots locker room, Vereen will bring his elusive one cut style of running to a Pats squad desperately looking for a big play 3rd down RB to compliment the Law Firms early down carries.  The Pats are a throw first team, so we envision Vereen finding himself on the field more often in this offense compared to other potential landing spots.  The opportunity is here and he fits the scheme well.  Vereen is Dynasty relevant and even more so being that he was drafted before numerous other more highly rated prospects.Landing Spot Grade: 4

RB Mikel LeShoure (2.57 Lions)
 - The Lions make a trade with the Seahawks to get into this spot and select one of our favorite RB prospects in this year's class.  LeShoure is a big body power back that is very fast and can catch the rock from the backfield.  A well rounded RB that will bring a power element to pair with Jahvid Best.  Best is a big time playmaker and they don't want to take him off the field, but the the skill sets each of these back possess will provide or an intesting duo in the Lions backfield. Landing Spot Grade: 3

WR Torrey Smith (2.58 Ravens) - An excellent pick here for the Ravens, and the landing spot for Dynasty owners is more than ideal.  The Ravens currently lack a true deep threat, and they have found that player in Smith.  His overall upside may be limited unless he grows into a more diversified route runner, but Smith finds a situation to immediately step in a fill a role in an aging Ravens wideout corps.  Landing Spot Grade: 5

WR Greg Little (2.59 Browns)
 - The former RB is built for the Cleveland West Coast offensive system.  While Little is still a very raw product, his big time size-speed-hands combination is clearly worth the upside despite his diva attitude.  Without a player in Little's mold currently on the Browns roster, the opportunity exists for Little to step in and grow with Colt McCoy into a nice QB-WR combination.  Landing Spot Grade: 5

RB Daniel Thomas (2.62 Dolphins) - The Fins make a trade with the Redskins to get into this spot and select an extremely important need in an offense that wants to run the football.  With diminishing RB production as part of the Dolphins rushing attack, it's no wonder their young QB has stuggled to find his way.  Thomas is a big body runner that fills the role as a versatile tailback rather than purely just a power rusher.  Thomas will add a dynamic weapon in this offense that Miami desperately needs.  A big time landing spot for a big time playmaker. Landing Spot Grade: 5   

WR Randall Cobb (2.64 Packers)
 - To close out the 2nd Round, the Packers land themselves the only type of offensive weapon that already doesn't exist on this roster.  Cobb is a versatile playmaker in the mold of Percy Harvin and Reggie Bush.  With James Jones a free agent and Donald Driver not getting any younger, Cobb finds himself in an unbelievable opportunity to carve himself out a big time role in the next two seasons. Landing Spot Grade: 4

Round 3 Instant Reaction:

TE Rob Housler (3.69 Cardinals) - Arizona needs a tight end receiving threat and Housler fits the bill. He is definitely a receiving threat, very athletic and able to make plays after the catch. This is a great spot for his talents, could make an instant impact and will be firmly entrenched in Cardinals game plan moving forward. Will create mismatches. Landing Spot Grade: 4

RB Demarco Murray (3.71 Cowboys) - Elite receiving back, Demarco Murray will be battling for touches in Dallas, even if they move on from Marion Barber. More talented than Tashard Choice and more complete than Felix Jones, Murray has a shot to contribute instantly because of his explosiveness. Landing Spot Grade: 3

RB Stevan Ridley (3.73 Patriots) - Ridley was not seen as a high ceiling prospect, but he's a worker. Ideal size, lacking in breakaway speed. Will have trouble making a 2011 impact, but could eventually be a 10 carry type. Strong inside runner that has a nose for the endzone. Landing Spot Grade: 2

QB Ryan Mallett (3.74 Patriots) - Patriots get excellent value here. Mallett has a host of issues, from his character to alleged drug addiction, but he also has a cannon of an arm. Will be provided the luxury to sit and learn from one of the best in the game. If you take Mallett, be prepared to be very patient, but you could be rewarded in 4 seasons with a more polished prospect.Landing Spot Grade: 1

WR Austin Pettis (3.78 Rams) - Solid prospect that might get more out of his slightly above average skills. He runs clean routes and plays hard. Could be a learning curve for him at the next level, but in the Rams offense, there could be opportunity if he develops. While not dynamic in any way, he could be reliable option for Bradford in time. Landing Spot Grade: 3

WR Leonard Hankerson (3.79 Redskins) - Hankerson has the size and showed good speed to be a WR2 at the next level. Does not have any elite qualities but could make a 2011 impact as he lands on a team with a glaring need a receiver. He's strong and well built, and could end up being a very nice value in the 3rd round for the Skins. Because he went later than expected in the Draft, you might have a chance to wait on him in your Dynasty Rookie Draft. Landing Spot Grade: 4

WR Vincent Brown (3.82 Chargers) - Brown had a very productive college career and will look to work his way into the Chargers WR rotation. Size is solid, speed is average at best. Brown is a smart player, runs good routes and makes the most out of his ability. Landing Spot Grade: 3

WR Jerrel Jernigan (3.83 Giants) - The Giants grabbed their future slot receiver in Jernigan. He is ultra-explosive and adds a new dynamic to an already high-powered offense. Jernigan is undersized but with Manningham and Nicks in the fold and Steve Smith in limbo, the Giants can afford to take a chance on a true playmaker. Another great value pick, but he may need a season or two before he realizes his true value. Should have impact in return game as well. Nice mid-round selection in Dynasty drafts. Landing Spot Grade: 3

RB Alex Green (3.96 Packers) - Alex Green lands in an interesting spot. It could be very lucrative if they cut ties with Ryan Grant and he fights James Starks for carries. If not, he just has to bide his time as he waits for an opportunity. Green is solidly built, but projects as more of a complimentary back in the NFL. He has solid speed and is an excellent receiver out of the backfield, meaning he could see the field as a rookie. Landing Spot Grade: 3

Round 4 Instant Reaction:

TE Jordan Cameron (4.102 Browns) - Much like Jimmy Graham last year, Jordan Cameron is a basketball player with tremendous upside as a tight end. He lands in a great spot to develop with the Browns, who are trying to surround Colt McCoy with explosive weapons. Tight ends rarely make an instant impact and Cameron is very raw, but he could find himself getting some snaps in 2011 as the Browns groom him for the future. Landing Spot Grade: 3

TE Luke Stocker (4.104 Bucs) - Has the look of a classic tight end. Not a great blocker at the moment, needs to show more on the offensive end as well. He's strong, solidly built and has a work ethic that could lead to success. Will back-up Kellen Winslow, which will benefit him in the long run. Developmental type. Landing Spot Grade: 2

RB Roy Helu Jr. (4.105 Redskins) - Good size and speed, strong back that can run in between the tackles. Needs to improve as a receiver in order to not be pigeon-holed as a short yardage RB. Given the situation in Washington, Helu could work his way into some playing time in 2011, competing with Ryan Torain and Keiland Williams. Landing Spot Grade: 3

WR Kris Durham (4.107 Seahawks) - Not much college production at Georgia, but did average over 20 yards per catch as a senior. Nice sized prospect who could be a reliable possession receiver in the NFL. Reliable hands, athletic ability to make plays after the catch. Landing Spot Grade: 2

WR Edmond Gates (4.111 Dolphins) - From small school powerhouse Abilene Christian, Edmond Gates is a raw prospect with speed to burn. Perfect fit for the Dolphins offense, as he can stretch the field and open things up for possession receivers Brandon Marshall and Davone Bess. Watch his development this summer because he has a chance to surprise. Landing Spot Grade: 3

WR Greg Salas (4.112 Rams) - Put up huge numbers at Hawaii, Salas has the makings of a solid possession type. He has excellent hands, but lacks explosiveness and barely has average speed. No fear going across the middle. Salas profiles similarly to Austin Pettis, who the Rams drafted in the 3rd round. Landing Spot Grade: 2

WR Cecil Shorts (4.114 Jaguars) - In need of wideouts, Jaguars select DIII prospect Cecil Shorts. He's from the same school as Pierre Garcon, but not as explosive or with as much upside. Could be a versatile, reliable weapon in time. Strong route runner. Landing Spot Grade: 2

RB Kendall Hunter (4.115 49ers)
 - The 49ers continue their search for Frank Gore's back-up and they may have just found him. Hunter is a strong, physical back, although undersized. He was very productive in college and capable of carving out a big role on Sundays. Landing Spot Grade: 3

RB Delone Carter (4.119 Colts) - A one-cut no nonsense runner, Carter is powerfully built to pick up yards in bunches. He was not used much as a receiver and dealt with injuries in college, but he'll get a chance to climb the depth chart in Indy. Could turn out to be most talented RB in a backfield of mediocre to slightly above average players. Landing Spot Grade: 3

WR Tandon Doss (4.123 Ravens) -This is a nice spot for one of this years most reliable pass catchers.  Known mostly for his hands and playmaking ability, Doss finds himself in a spot in Baltimore to get some gametime rookie action in his freshman campaing.  This is an aging group, so think of Doss as a developmental player on your Dynasty Roster, however he may suprise some in his rookie year.  A solid pick here in early to mid rounds. Landing Spot Grade: 3

RB Taiwan Jones (4.125 Raiders) - Likely the fastest RB prospect available lands in speed crazy Oakland. He is injury-prone, but when healthy a versatile weapon that can burn defenses.Landing Spot Grade: 3

RB Bilal Powell (4.126 Jets) - Powell is a strongly built prospect with average height/weight. Enough speed to make plays. His style and skillset fit the Jets gameplan well. He'll enter a crowded backfield though and will need to be very impressive to get carries in 2011. Opportunity in 2012 will fuel Dynasty value. Landing Spot Grade: 2

TE Julius Thomas (4.129 Broncos) - The basketball player to tight end trend is very in right now. Thomas was a 4 year letterman as a power forward who then tried his hand in football for one year. Beastly measurables, but very raw football skills. Draft and stash. Landing Spot Grade: 1

RB Jamie Harper (4.130 Titans) - Harper is a well built, potential complete back. He lands with the Titans and should compete with the more explosive Javon Ringer for handcuff duties. Not likely to see many carries in 2011, but he's a high upside developmental type. Landing Spot Grade: 2

Round 5 Instant Reaction:

WR Kealoha Pilares (5.132 Panthers) - Pilares is an under-rated talent that was overshadowed by teammate Greg Salas in college. He might have a better NFL skillset though and lands in a situation where he can work his way into the rotation in 2011 with strong play. Landing Spot Grade: 3

RB Johnny White (5.133 Bills) - White is an explosive player that runs hard. Not much tread on his tires as he played numerous positions in college. He has a strong frame and if he could add even more muscle without losing speed, that could go a long way. Landing Spot Grade: 2

QB Ricky Stanzi (5.135 Chiefs) - Developmental QB lands with Chiefs. Future opportunity in what coudl be a powerhouse offense in a couple seasons. He has the look of a pro, but needs time to develop. Landing Spot Grade: 1

TE D.J. Williams (5.141 Packers)
 - Developmental TE prospect with upside. He's an H-back type that has enough athleticism and speed to make plays with the ball in his hands.  Given Jermichael Finley's injury history and Packers flexibility on offense, this could end up a very valuable pick. Landing Spot Grade: 1

RB Jacquizz Rodgers (5.145 Falcons) - Solid value here for the Falcons. Turner is heading towards 30, Jerious Norwood can't stay healthy and Jason Snelling is just slightly above average. Rodgers runs with power for a small RB and could add yet another dynamic piece to the Falcons offense. Landing Spot Grade: 3

WR Denarius Moore(5.148 Raiders) - Moore has flown under the radar this draft season.  The Raiders land a nice developmental receiver at this spot whom they like mostly for his speed.  Moore lacks overall upside, but can eventually develop into a possession type receiver at the next level.  Faced solid competition at Tenn. in the SEC.  Starts his career buried behind numerous young, fast WR's on the Raiders roster. Landing Spot Grade: 1

RB Dion Lewis (5.149 Eagles) - At only 5'7 - 193 lbs, Lewis has a uphill battle to compete at the next level.  He is an elusive runner but because of his size lacks the ideal power to play his position and run between the tackles.  A solid pass catcher however, he may eventually work into a spot as a depth player in the Eagles RB rotation.  A tough spot here behind one of the leagues top young RB's in LeSean McCoy. Landing Spot Grade: 1

QB Taylor Yates (5.152 Texans) 
- Yates is likely a perennial backup QB at the next level.  He lacks overall arm strength, speed and footwork to be an NFL starting QB.  Buried on a Houston QB depth chart that he's going to have a tough time climbing out of. A highly competitive athlete however, he does have enough intangibles to find himself somewhere down the road as a backup. Landing Spot Grade: 1

WR Jeremy Kerley (5.152 Jets) - The Jets have likely found themselves a return man at this spot.  Known more as a shifty open field runner rather than a speed guy, Kerley projects as a developmental slot receiver at the next level.  As there is some uncertainty in NYJ regarding the status of most of their WR corps, there is opportunity for Kerley find himself somewhere on the depth chart early on if he show some juice. Landing Spot Grade: 2

WR Niles Paul (5.155 Redskins) - Paul in an intriguing prospect with this landing spot.  He is a big, phyisical receiver that was noted for a high yard per catch total (14.87 ypc) during his time at Nebraska.  On a roster that lacks any sort of WR talent, Paul has an unbelievable opportunity to produce.  He doesn't have one single big time intangible, but his overall skill set is soild.  All he's got to do is show he can play at the next level and he should find the field. Landing Spot Grade: 3

TE Lee Smith (5.159 Patriots) - The Patriots love themselves a TE.  They add Lee, a 6'6" - 266 lb monster of a TE to a depth chart that is already filled with experienced playmakers.  This is a decent spot here for this developmental player as he won't be thrust into a must produce role early and as a third option in an offense that likes 2 TE sets the 3rd option isn't so bad. Landing Spot Grade: 2

QB Nathan Enderle (5.160 Bears)
 - A developmental QB that someone in Bear country sees as a solid backup option.  No special intangibles here but he does have adequate arm strength and accuracy.  He is a smart QB that will pick up a complicated Bears offense easily. Plenty of collegiate experience.  He should only be considered however you are a Cutler owner. Landing Spot Grade: 1

Round 6 Instant Reaction:

WR Ryan Whalen (6.167 Bengals) - A Depth player at this point that is buried behind a few elite talents in the likes of AJ Green and Jermaine Gresham.  Not a good Landing Spot. 

TE Charles Clay (6.174 Dolphins)
 - A pass catching TE was a major need for the Fins in the 2011 NFL Draft.  A player that can stretch the field that is more of an H-Back rather than an in-line blocker.  Clay fits this role nicely as he lacks NFL blocking ability, and is a solid pass catcher.  Clay finds himself in a nice spot in Miami considering their complete lack of a true pass catching TE.  Take a chance here in the later rounds of your Dynasty Rookie Draft.

WR Dwayne Harris (6.176 Cowboys) - Harris was an above average prospect that fell some in this years NFL Draft.  While he doesn't have any particular special traits, he is a hard worker and a player with legitimate upside.  Problem with his slide however is he was likely the best available player on the Cowboys board in the 6th round.  Buried behind big time recieveing options, Harris has a tough road ahead to make/produce on this roster.

RB Evan Royster (6.177 Redskins) - The Skins are stockpiling offensive players in this draft, and they land Penn State's all time leading rushing mid way through the 6th round.  There is some legitimate opportunity here for this player that compares his game to Matt Forte.  His 5.7 ypc average is intriguing and so are his pass catching skills.  His lack of explosiveness in not however.  Take a look here in your Rookie Draft in mid to late rounds.

WR Aldrick Robinson (6.178 Redskins) - Yet another offensive player for the Skins.  We really like Robinsons skill set and see him as a great value at this point in the NFL Draft.  In the mold of a Santana Moss (who is currently a FA), there is some opportunity for Robinson to find himself a roster spot in 2011.  Keep an eye here at his development.

QB Tyrod Taylor (6.180 Ravens)
 - We really like Tyrod Taylor.  We don't like his landing spot however.  A big time athlete, a hard worker, competitive and intelligent player, Taylor will bide his time behind Joe Flacco and learn the ropes of an NFL QB.  We expect to see  him compete someday for a starting job somewhere in the NFL.  There is a strong similarity to Troy Smith here, so keep this kid on your radar.

TE Richard Gordon (6.181 Raiders)
 - The Raiders were digging deep here.  A standout High School player that experienced a season ending shoulder injury before what was expected to be his breakout in 2009.  He's not worth a Dynasty roster spot at this point.

WR Ronald Johson (6.182 49ers) - Johnson was expected to go a bit higher in this years Draft.  He was likely the top player available on their point at this point in the draft, so he likely just becomes a developmental depth player on a 49ers roster that is relatively solid at the position.

RB Jordan Todman (6.183 Chargers) - Todman fell some in this years draft after his workout warrior performance at the Combine which caused his draft stock to rise immensely.  He is a change of pace player that got a heavy workload at UConn, home of the 2011 NCAA National Championship Basketball team.  He is definitely worth a Dynasty Rookie Draft pick and is worth a reach especially if you are a Ryan Mathews owner.

RB Allen Bradford (6.187 Bucs.) - A depth chart player in a Bucs. offense that is in love with LeGarrette Blount.  Worth a very late rookie draft pick selection for Blount owners.  

K Matt Bosher (6.192 Falcons) - May get a chance in his rookie year, but wait until your FA period before considering adding a Kicker.

Round 7 Instant Reaction:

TE Virgil Green
 (7.204 Broncos) - The Broncos already drafted one super athletic tight end a few rounds ago with Julius Thomas and Virgil Green fits that mold as well. Both of these players have big upside, and while Green is smaller than Thomas, but may have just as good of a skillset. For Dynasty leagues, it's a shame that he went to the same spot as Thomas, because unless one develops more rapidly, they'll hurt each other's value.

QB Greg McElroy
 (7.208 Jets) - The Jets are in dire need of a back-up quarterback and McElroy is a perfect fit here. Does not have true starter upside, but has the mental make-up and enough phyiscal skills to be a quality back-up almost immediately. 

RB Da'Rel Scott (7.221 Giants) - The Giants added another speed element to their offense, this time at the RB position. Scott has very good speed for his size and should develop into a solid change of pace type. There could be opportunity for touches right away, even if Bradshaw is back in the fold. Good value in the 7th.

RB Anthony Allen (7.225 Ravens) - Allen is a bruising back that is an excellent in-between the tackles runner. Should he be able to work his way up the depth chart, Allen could be a valuable handcuff and short yardage compliment to Ray Rice.

WR Scotty McKnight (7.227 Jets) - McKnight is a worker, plain and simple. He walked on at Colorado and ended his career as statistically one of the best wideouts in school history. Limited upside here, but could be a slot receiver/possession type for the Jets.

RB Baron Batch (7.232 Steelers) - Batch is a potential third down back that could eventually fill the Mewelde Moore role in Pittsburgh. Solid potential to develop. 

WR Stephen Burton (7.236 Vikings) - Burton has an intriguing size/speed combination, but will have to overcome inconsistent hands and route running. Nice developmental type that could emerge in a few seasons as a threat for fantasy consideration.

TE Daniel Hardy (7.238 Bucs) - Hardy is a high upside versatile TE prospect. He's athletic but will need to add to his frame to be a true tight end. Keep an eye on him in very deep leagues.

WR David Ausberry (7.241 Raiders) - Excellent size, but very raw WR prospect, Ausberry has work to do. He was a utility player in college playing all over the field. Probably practice squad material, but deep leagues will want to track his progress closely.

RB Jay Finley (7.246 Bengals) - Finley has solid size and speed, and enough talent to take a flier on in the 7th round. Being on the Bengals might give him a chance to see the field at some point in 2011. 

WR Demarco Sampson (7.249 Cardinals) - Sampson has good size and is a willing blocker. Just average speed could lead to separation issues in the NFL and he cannot seem to stay healthy long enough to make an impact. Developmental in every sense of the word.