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Who Wants to Gamble? 2010 NFL Draft Edition

Ready to Roll the Dice? We are here to help you hedge your bet!

You do. Dynasty owners love potential and each year in their rookie drafts, they are looking for the next big thing. After all of the consensus top prospects are selected, a Dynasty rookie draft becomes wide open. A lot of a prospects appeal is based on what kind of upside they bring to the table, especially in the later rounds. Taking a chance on a player like this could pay off tremendously if he develops as expected and maximizes his potential. They usually come with obvious risks and investing in them heavily could lead to disappointment down the road. In this article, we are going to take a look at 2010 NFL Draft prospects with unique skillsets, high fantasy ceilings and equally high bust potential.

QB Tim Tebow

He will go down as one of the best college players of all time, but that does not mean that Tim Tebow has what it takes to play QB on Sundays. In fact, numerous scouts are doubting Tebow and have been for years. Tebow certainly did not help himself with his Senior Bowl performance with two fumbles, adding fuel to the fire that he will not make an impact in the NFL as a QB. He certainly is risky prospect, given his throwing mechanics, questionable footwork and lack of experience in a pro-style offense. Although it may seem like it, it'snot all downside for Tebow. He has excellent bulk, is an above average athlete and a tireless worker. His leaderships skills and pedigree are second to none and there are going to be numerous front office executives that fall in love with what he will bring to a team. He has already committed to altering his awkward delivery in an attempt to revive his draft stock. He already throws an excellent deep ball and has off the charts intangibles. So, why take a risk on a player like Tim Tebow in your Dynasty draft? His upside is that of a franchise NFL QB and fantasy Beast as the face of one lucky franchise. Plus, if he does not work out as a QB, all is not lost as he might make a solid tight end prospect. Projected Rookie Draft Position - Round 2

 QB Juice Williams

Isiah Williams is not a QB prospect in the NFL Draft this April, but he is an intriguing athlete with upside should he hone his game into fantasy usefulness. At 6'3" and 235 lbs., his most likely NFL position is wide receiver. He has the speed and measurables to succeed at the position, but will need to show the desire and route running skills that he lacks at the moment. He is not very accurate passer and he made numerous mistakes through the air, but could be a situational passer or wildcat threat. Juice rushed for over 2,500 yards and 18 TD's in his 49 career games for the Illini. In his collegiate career, Juice Williams never reached his full potential. He will need a strong dedication and a patient coaching staff to blossom on Sundays. Projected Rookie Draft Position - Round 5

RB/WR Dexter McCluster: 

Dexter McCluster is a true dual threat in the mold of a Reggie Bush or Percy Harvin. The problem is, McCluster is just 5'8" and 165 lbs., which limits his upside as a full time RB in the NFL. That does not mean he cannot be a very valuable fantasy factor though. He possesses elite quickness and is a threat to go the distance from anywhere on the field. He might be a better asset in the passing game, but he profiles as more than just a 3rd down back. He is a weapon that is athletic enough to play RB, line up in the slot and in the wildcat. He could be electrifying in return game and should have an impact in PPR leagues as soon as his rookie season. To maximize his full potential, McCluster would need about 10-15 touches per game. His skillset is similar to Darren Sproles, but Dexter has more fantasy upside if he can prove durable. His slight build makes him a risk, but his home run ability makes him an elite Dynasty prospect.  We loved his Bench Press total (20) at the Combine.  Not bad for a small dude. Projected Rookie Draft Position - Round 1

RB Toby Gerhart:

He has 43 TD's over the past two seasons, but Toby Gerhart does not seem to be getting the love he desires from NFL scouts...yet. Some even have questioned whether he is capable of playing running back, suggesting he could be moved to full back. A Heisman Trophy Runner-up, Gerhart is an exceptional athlete that also played two seasons in the OF at Stanford. There are definitely question marks in Gerhart's game - he lacks a second gear, is an inexperienced receiver out of the backfield and has average blocking ability. There is more upside here however than others may think. His skin pigment and running style lead to inevitable comparisons to John Riggins, which would be an absolute best case scenario. If he does not get miscast as a FB at the next level, he should have no problem making a fantasy impact. He could be a between the tackles Beast in the NFL, similar to that of Brandon Jacobs or a more athletic Lendale White. Projected Rookie Draft Position - Round 2

WR Armanti Edwards: 

He put up huge numbers at Division II powerhouse Appalachian State, but Armanti Edwards future role in the NFL is very much in question. What's not in question is his skillset and playmaking ability. He started to get national recognition when he helped the Mountaineers shock Michigan two seasons ago. While he lined up as a QB in college, he will likely play all over the field at the next level. With tremendous burst and athleticism, he could excel as a WR or even a RB. But, just like the Dolphins Pat White, with whom he shares a similar skillset, Edwards has not played any WR and would need time to make the transition. If he lands in the right situation with a creative offensive mind at the helm, he could be a dangerous weapon. He is elusive in open space and brings a work ethic that matches his upside. Dynasty leaguers may be gunshy about Edwards because he lacks a position, but in the rookie draft's later rounds you are looking for found it. Projected Rookie Draft Position - Round 4

WR Demaryius Thomas: 

Scouts drool over the size / speed combination that Demaryius Thomas possesses. Unfortunately, the phyiscal specimen missed the Combine with a broken foot. This hurts his NFL Draft stock, because he would have likely put on a show for scouts in Indianapolis. Coming out of Georgia Tech, Thomas draws unfair comparisons to Calvin Johnson, probably the most physically gifted prospect since Randy Moss. Thomas is a much more raw product than Megatron, but his upside is not too far behind. Looking at his college numbers, one might wonder what all the hype is about. The fact is, Thomas played in a heavy run first offense and he represented the only aerial threat for the Yellow Jackets. There is major bust potential here, but the Beast potential is high enough to warrant consideration after the 2nd round in your rookie draft this year. Projected Rookie Draft Position - Round 1

TE Jimmy Graham: 

Jimmy Graham's potential is off the charts. His athetic ability, size, frame, leaping ability and hands are all top notch. At 6'8" and 260 lbs., he was made for the redzone and he has excellent speed for his size. Did we mention he is a former basketball player turned TE? That is a success story you might have heard before. While the fantasy beastliness of Antonio Gates and Tony Gonzalez represent Graham's upside, he is an extremely raw talent that will need to significantly develop his game at the next level. Graham has only played one season of college football, which was filled with dropped passes and "okay" production. Despite only catching 17 passes, he did manage to lead the Hurricanes in TD's with 5. He needs to work on his route-running, but that should definitely improve with time and practice. Patience will be required with this project and an instant payoff is not likely. If Graham matures as a player, though, he could give you regular seasons of double digit TD's and monster production from the TE spot. Projected Rookie Draft Position - Round 4