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Week 2 Quick Hits

Observations with a Dynasty focus from Week 2 of the NFL season.


RIP Steve Sabol - your movies are awesome!

It going to be very interesting to see how Peyton Manning progresses this season.  The weapons are there for him to succeed, but his arm strength doesn't seem to have fully returned.  Willis McGahee looks to still run very hard.  His Dynasty value is entirely capped, but be cognizant of his workload if you are an owner - he could break down very quickly. 

Jay Cutler gets rattled very easily.  He is a great play vs. poor defenses and an awful play against average to above average defenses.  His upside is capped.  Brandon Marshall suffers from the same issue.

Know which RB has been incredibly underwhelming?  Darren McFadden.  Oh yeah...don't forget Chris Johnson.  Throw Jamaal Charles in that mix too. 

A QB we are once again intrigued by...Sam Bradford.  We almost lost hope, were giving him another chance. 

Matt Ryan looks the part more so than ever before.  Kind of reminds us of younger Peyton Manning.  Has incredible weapons, loves the no huddle and an average deep ball.  A nice recipe for fantasy success. 

Bouceback performance of the Century goes to QB Brandon Weeden.  There is hope for Josh Gordon, Greg Little and Trent Richardson.  Richardson is a Beast by the way.

Do you still have faith in Jake Locker? We do.  His O-Line is gonna make him look average this season.  Still worth taking a shot on getting him as his value drops through the season.

A healthy Fred Jackson or not, CJ Spiller is a Beast. Much like a pre-injury Jam Charles, he'll be better in the long run with a backfield partner to take care of the tough inside sledding.

RG3 is legit and showing it very early. Andrew Luck is right there with him for Dynasty potential, though, and comes without as high of a pricetag. It's unlikely that either is being moved, but worth keeping tabs on.

Dez Bryant is a frustrating Dynasty player to own.

Brandon Lafell is making the most of early season opportunities. His size, speed and spot in the Panthers lineup could make him a solid WR3 this season and potentially a WR2 down the road.

While the diminutive Jacquizz Rodgers may never be a featured back, he deserves more touches.

Darryl Richardson has looked solid spelling Steven Jackson in the first two weeks. Preseason darling Isaiah Pead has not had a touch yet, but he's still got intriguing RB2 upside in the long term.

Doug Martin hasn't put up any huge numbers yet, but they are coming. Only Dynasty question is whether he's a solid RB2 or takes the step towards elite status. Stay tuned.