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Bailing On Britt?

Kenny Britt continues to give Dynasty owners headaches with his off the field problems. Are you ready to give up on him?

When you own a player in a Dynasty league, you're invested in them. Fantasy speaking and emotionally. Owners of Kenny Britt have had to deal with more petty drama than a season of Dawson's Creek. It seems he's getting arrested or having a run in with the law on a monthly basis. For a Dynasty owner, that can be not only frustrating but nerve-racking as well. Is he going to get suspended? Sent to jail? Hurt? 

When healthy, Britt's fantasy potential is off the charts. He was clearly not 100% this season and was rumored to be battling swelling in his surgically repaired knee. He ended the season with only 45 catches, 589 yards and 4 TD's...a far cry from WR1 numbers that he is capable of. He'll enter the 2013 season almost two years removed from ACL surgery and at just 25 years old. That alone makes him a prime "buy" candidate for Dynasty owners.

His talent is not the end of the story though. Do you want to put up with all the baggage that Britt brings? It's the knucklehead factor. Enough for some Dynasty owners to avoid a player completely. Brandon Marshall is a prime example, as he's been getting into trouble since college. Most recently, in March of 2012, Marshall was accused of punching a woman in the face at a night club in New York City. A lack of evidence ended the investigation. That was enough for the Dolphins to "trade" him to the Bears. And many a fantasy owner likely traded him away over the years as well, fearing a lengthy suspension or worse. Britt has had more run-ins than Marshall, but thus far has avoided a serious infraction or suspension. 

So, are you bailing on Kenny Britt? Depends on the situation, but I'd be hard-pressed to give up on his talent just because of the knucklehead factor (even if this is an extreme case). Where there is risk, there is reward. If you own him, he's a hold until he builds back up his value. If you are looking to acquire him, minimize your risks by buying low. Hopefully for his sake as a human being, he can turn his life around and get on the right side of the law. And it sure wouldn't hurt his Dynasty value either.