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Feed the Beast: Week 2 Recap

A collection of Twitter comments that we found insightful, entertaining and at times, both insightful and entertaining.

Another week, another Sunday of insane Twitter updates. While coaches are reviewing All 22 game tape, we are reviewing Twitter comments and compiling some of the best nuggets right here.
Trent's Biceps ‏@TrentsBiceps
Trent Richardson. Madden cover. 2013.
John Clayton ‏@ClaytonESPN
Wes Welker didn't get on the field until 4 minute mark of first quarter. Julian Edelman ahead of him. Curious.
Wes Welker -- Tom Brady is 'Toughest Metrosexual I've Ever Met'
trey wingo ‏@wingoz
In a close one..Chris Johnson 17 rushing YARDS.. Amendola 15 catches. I'm sure CJ is reveling in his victory
NOT SportsCenter ‏@NOTSportsCenter
#Rams WR Danny Amendola has 12 catches at halftime. 10 more & he makes "who had the most catches in a game?" impossible for anyone to answer
Numbers Never Lie ‏@ESPN_Numbers
10-175* Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz became the first teammates ever to each have 10 catches for 175 yards in the same game.
Nicholas Mendola ‏@NicholasMendola
Remember when CJ Spiller turned into Marshall Faulk? #WhatInTheWorld #Bills
The Iron Sheik ‏@the_ironsheik
reggie bush impress me big time
Cecil Lammey ‏@cecillammey
love what I saw from Lamar Miller, foot frequency helps him make cuts at speed, good balance/spin move, instincts are sharp #dolphins #nfl
Faux John Madden ‏@FauxJohnMadden
Golden Tate's attempts to decapitate Cowboy's linebacker Sean Lee. (via @bubbaprog)
Andre Brown ‏@drebrown35
8 rosters,,,,,,,, 20 cuts,,,,,,,,,,first NFL touchdown....... PRICELESS!!!!!!!! #thoroughbred GOD is GOOD
Ben Marth ‏@Ben_WGEM
Finally..a change of pace RB to compliment SJ39..nice to see Darryl Richardson take advantage of his opportunity
Peyton's Head ‏@PeytonsHead
Jay Cutler just sent flowers to his wife and baby. They ended up in Green Bay. ‏@Football_com
#Cowboys WR Kevin Ogletree was last week's big waiver wire pickup ... now he's being sent back to the waiver wire. #fantasyfootball
Boomer Esiason ‏@7BOOMERESIASON
1 catch for Larry Fitzgerald, 1 freaking catch! What a travesty.#neglected
Down Goes Brown ‏@DownGoesBrown
Ben Tate's touchdown celebration should be running up to an Arian Foster fantasy owner and kicking him in the junk.
AnyGivenSundayNight ‏@UKNFL
Jake Locker is 4/4 when he has tried to hit the Gatorade bucket on the Chargers sideline tonight. Incredible accuracy.
Wavy Crockett ‏@Joose_a_Velli
If Andy Dalton keeps playing this well then i have fantasy trade bait
Ken Lien ‏@mrbasketballmn
Needs to touch it more! @StribDW: And yes, Percy Harvin has been an animal today. Absolute beast of a game.”
Josh Moore ‏@4for4_Josh
#Panthers - Feel like we’ve beat this 1 to death, but Brandon LaFell should be owned. Perfect situation for a 3rd year WR taking next step.
Reuben Frank @RoobCSN
Brent Celek has had over 150 yards in two of his last five games. Tony Gonzalez has never had 150 yards in a game.
Andy Hart @JumboHart
I'll admit I should have known this before last night, but just realized Tony Gonzalez is second in NFL history in career receptions. Wow.
Michael Jenkings @michaeljenk
"OnStar, how can I help you?" "Take me back to 2006 with the Colts." - Peyton Manning to his Buick
D'Brickashaw @DragonflyJonez
Willis McGahee will get you 1000 yds. Whether you realize he's still in the league or not.
Nathan Zeguar @NathanZegura
Amazingly at WR --- only Demaryius Thomas has been in the top 12 in each of the first two weeks...and yes he is #1 overall at the position
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